Development - Company profile

Development - Company profile

Year 2020

The company has expanded the range of its production by purchasing jacquard machines with laces and straps on which it is possible to weave various logos, inscriptions and pictures.

Year 2019

Completion of the construction of a prefabricated hall. Purchase of new technology for knitting cords, straps and ropes. Expansion of production capacity.

Year 2018

Construction of a new production hall begins.

Year 2015

Our company produces braided, woven, twisted, crocheted strings of various colors, thicknesses and color combinations from PES, PAD, POP and cotton in various lengths. We can modify our laces hydrophobically, against flammability and waxing.

Other products produced in the company include ropes and rubber ropes from 3 mm to 16 mm in diameter, skipping ropes, clotheslines, spectacle laces, edgings, rips ribbons, straps, dog leashes, sports and garden nets, electric fence belts. and cables, cords for the construction industry. Stained glass is made for windows, doors, partitions, furniture panels, sacral motifs, lamps, screens, decorative items. (suitable also for insulating double glazing).

Year 2011

Establishment of a limited liability company KMIŤ s.r.o. (.ltd)

Year 2002

After the decline in demand for decorated porcelain, some people who have been working in the glass industry for 25 years are switching to a new production, namely the production of stained glass using the Tiffany technique.

Year 1996

The company buys other technologies for laces, e.g. woven and twisted. Special technology for the treatment of strings, namely hydrophobia (water repellent), non-flammable and waxed. It expands its range to wholesalers and retailers.

Year 1992

Two other members of the family, brothers Jozef and Radko, joined the association. After the expansion on the Slovak market, we later began to supply to EU countries. Gradually, we began to expand the machinery and also the range of products.

Year 1990

Establishment of the association of natural persons Jozef and Agáta Kmiťový of the company JAK DUP. The subject of production was the decoration of porcelain and glass.

After a survey of the Slovak market, we found that there is a demand for shoelaces, because this type of goods was not produced in Slovakia. After the purchase of technology, the production of laces began at the turn of 1991-1992.