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Our company produces braided, woven, twisted, crocheted strings of various colors, thicknesses and color combinations from PES, PAD, POP and cotton in various lengths. We can modify our laces hydrophobically, against flammability and waxing.

  • Children’s shoes (CHILD)
  • Formal footwear (VOSK)
  • Sports – running shoes (RUNNING)
  • Sports – hiking shoes (TOURIST)
  • Sports – hockey shoes (SKATES)
  • Classic shoes (ELEGAN, WALKER)
  • Working shoes
  • Firefighting, military and medical footwear


  • Clothing cords
  • Rubber ropes
  • Mason’s cords
  • Cords for gardeners
  • Wicks
  • Blind cords
  • Binding cord
  • Construction cords
  • Drain cords
  • Trimmings

Other products produced in the company include ropes and rubber ropes from 3 mm to 16 mm in diameter, skipping ropes, clotheslines, spectacle laces, edgings, rips ribbons, straps, dog leashes, sports and garden nets, electric fence belts. and cables, cords for the construction industry.

The company has expanded the range of its production by purchasing jacquard machines with laces and straps on which it is possible to weave various logos, inscriptions and pictures.

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